WordPress Checklist

Ive been developing WordPress sites for 6 years and like a lot of developers I have had some good and bad experiences with the CMS. In a way the bad experiences have helped me understand the in’s and out’s of WordPress and I think its made me produce better structured/functioning websites and become a better Developer because of it.

When I first started developing WordPress sites I would use the default theme as boilerplate to work off due to lack of  confidence and a GUNG HO mindset that the project should be completed quickly without taking in a number of factors that I will discuss with you.

Over the years I have encountered some simple procedures to make the project timeline run a lot smoother. I was naive to think that a theme should be built to just look like the design supplied to me and not thinking of the bigger picture for future changes.

The idea of having a TODO checklist at the beginning for building WP sites would have helped me a lot as I had no confidence in my code and processes even if it was right.

I hope this post gives new and experienced developers a better understanding of WordPress.  Feel free to leave a comment as Id love to hear from personal experiences and procedures you use.

  1. Custom themes
  2. Custom post types
  3. Custom plugins
  4. Third party plugins
  5. Functions file