WordPress Checklist – Third Party Plugins

Below are a list of recommended plugins that I feel should be compulsory for any website.



A powerful SEO plugin.

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WP Security

Prevents spam and other malicious attacks to your website in an easy step by step form.

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Advanced Custom Fields

An excellent plugin for creating custom fields. Works well with custom post types

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WP Asset Manager

A plugin that deactivates individual or all wp plugin styles and scripts per page to increase load time.

You can also insert and disabled custom styles and scripts.

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CMS Tree page View

Plugin that adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages, like the view often found in a page-focused CMS. This page tree gives you a great overview over all your pages and you can use the page tree to quickly drag-and-drop your pages to change their order.

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Broken Link Checker

Detects broken links in your website and prompts you to fix them

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Not Recommended

Contact 7 form

Only use it as a last resort as you can only create basic forms. Any customisation will require a new build. Build your own and make sure it submits to the database.

WP Super Cache

A page caching tool. This should only be used for sites with very high traffic though using WP Asset Manager would greatly improve your page load.

Any gallery plugins

Your a developer, built it yourself. Using advanced custom fields is the best method, you can install an extension to create repeater fields.